Jumbo Loans are loans that exceed the conforming loan limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In Idaho the Jumbo loan amount varies by county, but in the majority of counties it is an loan amount that exceeds $453,100. 

 The main advantage of a Jumbo loan is that it allows you to finance a large home purchase with one loan.  In some areas it is essential since the homes can become very expensive. With the increase in home prices in Ada county the Jumbo loans amounts have been increasing to allow buyers greater flexibility when making large home purchases.

Jumbo loans are much harder to get because they have a lot more eligibility requirements. Many lenders require a credit score over 700, a Debt to income ratio under 43% and 6-12 months of reserve funds. Sometimes there are even stricter underwriting requirements, such as requiring two appraisals of the property.

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